Text Neck: The Epidemic of Today – How to Fix it?

Text Neck Exercises
So, you’re probably wondering what Text Neck is and if you have it. Well, you are reading this right now, and the chances of your device being in your hand in such a position that your head is forward, curved back, and shoulders being rounded is more than 95%.

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This particular position that you regularly keep yourself in is described as “Text Neck”. This seemingly is not a big deal to you, like most people; but the damage sustained from this is immense and is known as the “Text Neck Pain”.

As now you get the whole idea of why this pain is called “Text Neck”, and you are probably thinking there are more tasks which can be done or you do in the same posture like eating, working on a desk, randomly sitting, or even relaxing. Your observation is correct, but the leading cause of text back is Excessive usage of cell phones, which have ruined the posture of more people than you think, and it is only increasing.

This is a concerning deal as it is most common in young people along with the fact that the Text Neck Pain can cause permanent damage to the cervical spines ultimately leading to being a lifelong victim of severe back pain. 

Here Are Some of Our Tips On How To Fix Text Neck. 

1- Give precise attention to the placement of your smartphone

Keeping your phone in an aligned position with your face can do wonders for your Text Neck as this will allow your Body to maintain a better posture. Avoiding your head falling into your lap is the ultimate goal here.


2- Keep your elbows Aligned with your Body. 

If you are on your phone for more extended periods, it can drain your arms. If your arms are aligned with your Body, it is most likely that your shoulders will not be rounded anymore, automatically reducing the chances of you being in a bad posture.

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3- Why not just call them?

Yes, we acknowledge texts make your life easier. It requires less time and energy and is super quick but don’t you think calls deliver your message with clarity and allows you to have genuine communication? Plus, If you have your phone on your ears as you would on a request, your neck is in a better position than what your neck would be in if you were texting.  

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4-  Text Neck Strengthening Exercises are your Best Friend! 

Indeed, stretching and exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea. But this Text Neck exercise is so easy that it can be done while sitting anywhere, but it is recommended that you learn it while being on your back. 

1- Lay down comfortably on the floor with a rolled towel below your neck. 

2- Push your chin into your neck, as if you want to give yourself a double chin. You will feel the back of your neck push against the towel underneath it.

3- Maintain the position for 10-15 seconds. Do a set of 3 without taking any rests.

4- Repeat these Text Neck Stretches three times a day. 

Text Neck00
Text Neck18

Find A Plan For Long Term Relief From Neck Pain

Staying active is an important part of back and neck health. Regular walks and jogging give your back the strength to keep good posture and avoid problems like text neck turning into chronic pain. Our personal trainers, chiropractic care staff and massage therapists can give you quick relief and also help you develop a long term plan to maintain back and neck strength. We have locations in Mississauga and Downtown Toronto, so make an appointment and schedule a consultation.

Dr. Benjamin De Villena

Dr. Benjamin De Villena

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