Mississauga Tigers High Performance And revibe Partner Up

mississauga tigers high performance and revibe partner for performance therapy
The Mississauga Tiger’s High Performance General Manager Antwi Atuahene has directed a partnership between a Mississauga/Toronto-based social wellness clinic revibe, where revibe will be providing performance therapy to the program.

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About the Partnership Between Mississauga Tigers and revibe

Under the umbrella of this partnership, revibe will be responsible for providing the athletes with performance therapy services ranging from manual therapy, sports rehab, and injury prevention programs targeted to maximize their performance levels on and off the field. The co-Founder of revibe Josh Alferez highlights how the Tigers athletes will benefit from their revolutionary pro-active approach, as well as how sports organizations can infuse sports medicine and wellness practices into their programs. 

Before The Mississauga North Baseball Association identified revibe as a potential partner, GM Antwi met with the CEO of revibe Justice Okeke to speak on the potential value of the partnership. From Antwi’s personal experience with revibe, he highlighted their amazing track record with clients both in the sports and corporate sectors. revibe has established their brand adding the Mississauga Tigers to their list of sports clubs they’ll be assisting.

Josh Alferez wants to introduce the upcoming generation of athletes to his revolutionary proactive approach infused with wellness. Before Antwi’s General Manager position with the Mississauga North Baseball Association, he has cultivated a business relationship with Josh Alferez, which made this partnership organic.

To perform at an optimal level you need to put your body as the number one priority. From stretching to strengthening, mindfulness practice to sleep, and nutrition to supplementation; It all matters!

More About the Partnership - What's in it for The Mississauga Tigers High Performance Program
revibe will open their wellness clinic to the Mississauga Tigers High Performance athletes, where they’ll have the opportunity to partake in an exclusive revibe experience that focuses on performance therapy. An integral part of this partnership was for revibe to educate the athletes going forward on utilizing efficient performance therapy systems that increase joint mobility, overall strength, and peak performance.Their proactive approach highlights the importance of wellness, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness practice. Josh Alferez and the team aim to create an authentic experience for the athletes that extends beyond the sport of baseball.  As the Tigers look to get a jump start on their competition, the athletes are taking a positive step forward working alongside revibe.Mississauga Tigers High Performance reviberevibe’s facility includes open concept therapy rooms, a recovery lounge, a movement lab, workspaces, and a theatre room. It’s beyond your typical sports clinic and that’s competitive advantage revibe has created with their wellness centre, both parties are excited to observe the growth of these athletes while sustaining a lasting partnership. The future looks bright for the Tigers High-Performance Program as they gear up for their upcoming season. GM Antwi is confident that the athletes will be ready to hit the field and perform at an optimal performance level.

This partnership took place because Revibe and Tigers HPP are looking to shake the industry by creating an experience that extends beyond the sport.

About revibe

Established in April 2019, revibe aims to ensure better physical health and wellness to our valued clients. Our certified therapists lead the way, and their vast experience in the therapy industry enables them to treat our clients with care and mark positive outcomes.revibe is a lifestyle brand that focuses on empowering community through wellness and story-telling. revibe is alive, it is an ecosystem.Located between Mississauga and Toronto – revibe houses a plethora of therapists from Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor(s), and more.revibe 9

As I took the GM spot with the Tigers HPP I felt that there was a need for us to get a hub in Mississauga, where our players can receive therapy, rehab, and injury prevention programs.

About Mississauga Tigers High Performance

Mississauga Tigers High Performance Program was created August 1, 2020 to give amateur baseball players the support and opportunities to attain their goals. Led by professional coaches and instructors that have placed over 500 players in US schools, had over 80 players drafted, and over 50 players on the Canadian national baseball team.

To learn more about Mississauga Tigers High Performance, please visit https://mnbatigers.ca

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