wellness starts now

wellness starts now

not just

We treat out of a 5,400 sq.ft wellness space that focuses on facilitating recovery – from the physical, mindset, and emotional aspect through our systems. 



 A personalized approach that will guide your body to move effortlessly.

Recovery Lounge

Access to our recovery lounge with professional-level tools to a speedy recovery.

Co-Working Space

Get creative independently or collaboratively in our open office space.

be you, again.

Customized Treatment By Our Therapists

Let us help you perform to your maximum potential. We’ll alleviate your pain and restore your mobility with a tailored treatment plan. Through our team of certified therapists, we have services from chiropractic, physio, and manual therapy.

frequently asked questions

Our treatment sessions consist of Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, and Chiropractic. Before we begin with your session we start with your initial assessment - from asking the right questions. From there we look for the cause of your dysfunction through consistent assessment and re-adjustments. 

Your initial assessment and treatment will take approximately one hour. The duration of your follow up bookings are as follows: 30min - 60min - 90min. 

Our team of certified and licensed therapists can be claimed under Registered Massage, Physiotherapy, and Chiropractic through your extended health care benefits.

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