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The Infrared sauna provides heat that penetrates deep into the body, promoting 3 times more sweat than a conventional sauna, which makes it exceptional in ridding your body of build up toxins. The heat from an infrared sauna warms the muscles and internal organs promoting an increase in circulation, nourish damaged tissue and pull chemicals from fat storage directly into your sweat to decrease joint pain and stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and pain.

Infrared Sauna Benefits:

Infrared Sauna Session Mississauga

Improve Physical Health

Research suggests that sauna therapy has many potential benefits for physical health, including reduced muscle tension and joint stiffness, improved circulation and cardiovascular function, skin rejuvenation, stimulated immune response and metabolism, and improved endurance, flexibility, and athletic performance.

Infrared sauana health benefits sweat

Stress Relief

Infrared Sauna treatments can help reduce stress, relieve depression and anxiety, and improve clarity and mental focus. During the long cold Ontario winter season, relaxing in an infrared sauna is the next best thing to taking a sunny beach vacation.

relaxation benefits of infrared sauna

Better Sleep

Infrared sauna sessions have been shown to help with insomnia. Like the sun, the human body also emits waves in the infrared spectrum, which we experience as gentle heat when we touch. And like human touch or spending the day in the warm sun, the gentle heat of an infra-red sauna is naturally relaxing and has a soothing effect on us. Take a sauna and sleep like a baby!