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Sports Injuries

Get back in the Game Faster and Easier with manual therapy Treatments

Getting a sports injury is very common, at revibe we can help you in curing your injury faster and getting you to return to the playground. For further information about how revibe can help you, contact our clinic to get an appointment.

How did my sports injury occur?

The term ‘sports injury’ is widely used for all the injuries, which may result by doing excessive exercise or by lifting heavyweights. The injuries in the ground may be due to the players colliding with each other, by using improper shoes or by straining the muscles too much. So, any injury which is caused during any physical activity is termed as the sports injury. 

Whether you have swung your shoulder joint or rolled your ankle, revibe has got you all covered. The medication by Revibe depends on the medical history of the patient and other complications. If you have ever come across any injury and are still left unattended, you must contact us immediately because any injury untreated can turn more severe.

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Common types of sports injuries

Medial tibial stress syndrome, which is commonly known as shin splints, is characterized as stinging pain in the shin bone. The shin bone is present at the front side of the leg, and shin splints occur when excessive pressure is applied to it. By using proper footwear and warming up the body before exercise can help in avoiding it.

The knee is the most complex and most commonly damaged part of the body. Knee injuries can be sensational running from hip to the knees, or it may be the inability to move the leg. The ACL tear is also a common injury, the treatment of which either requires the intensive rehabilitation or surgery.

The bones are connected through ligaments. A sprain is a condition in which the ligaments are extended beyond their normal capacity, which then results in pain.

The muscles are attached to the bones via tendons. If the tendons are stretched beyond limit, it results in strained muscle commonly known as a ‘pulled muscle’.

Find relief for your sports injury with physiotherapy:

Our revibe team has physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, which help in determining the root cause of your ailments. The injuries are identified through X-rays, Ultrasound, and MRIs. The team then prescribes the best possible scheduled plan for curing your injuries. The plan of treatment is personalized according to the degree of injury and the lifestyle of the patient.

The most common treatment involves the exercises to develop strength in the body and stretches to develop flexibility. 

The other treatment includes the Manual therapy sessions, which help in increasing the ability to move the joints and reduce the tissue stiffness. 

If a sports injury is stopping you from getting back to the ground, Contact us today at revibe to consult the best physiotherapists.

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