A Synergy Between Physiotherapy Chiropractic Massage Osteopath Kinesiology Holistic Nutrition Naturopathic Medicine


An advanced, industry-leading system that listens to your goals.
A synergy between you and our experts to improve the way you live.
Become the best version of yourself.

Wellness Mindset Movement Recovery Nutrition Performance Relaxation is for all of us


we’re different.

just like you.

the Ecosystem.

A system without
a one-size fits all model.



Our Coaches. Your Goals.

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Move Well. With Less Pain.

Heal Within, And Adapt Everyday.
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Recover Faster. Stronger Performance.

Our wellness system

Our longevity wellness system is bigger than just therapy. With next-level assessments that capture so much more detail than any cookie-cutter approach. Outstanding diagnostic skills that identify the root cause of your injury. Passionate, caring, yet professional. With extensive experience, the industry-leading experts will change the way you look at your lifestyle.

Feel good.

When it hurts so good.

Revibe experts are passionate and caring, and backed by research. With extensive experience, the industry-leading experts will change the way you look at your discomfort.

Live well.

Life doesn’t have to be boring and restricted. Integration into everyday wellness care to offer personalized lifestyle management. Sleep deeper, eat without restrictions,and move freely. Live the way you want because you deserve it.

The revibe session

Physiotherapy Mississauga with Revibe

An integrated assessment

Expert guidance by a team of experienced health-care practitioners that weigh in on foundational wellness pillars: mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery. A head-to-toe evaluation that gives our guest a complete picture of their current wellness baseline and potential future risks

Road map

One-to-one consultation on an action plan. Results are reviewed same-day with a Revibe therapist who will discuss areas of wellness that may need improvement, and an action plan that can make it happen, ensuring optimal outcomes in your lifestyle

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Worry-free post visit care. Guest experience coordinators arrange any follow-up appointments, diagnostic tests or prescription orders so that you don’t have to

Wellness Experiences






Holistic Nutrition

Naturopathic Medicine

Lifestyle Coaching

Infrared Sauna

Lymphatic Compression

Vitamin IVs Lounge

Acupuncture/ Cupping


You can schedule an appointment by going to our booking page here or selecting the “book now” in the top right corner.

Another way that you can schedule an appointment, would be to email us at hello@revibeto.com OR call us at (905) 783-8423

Awesome question! Your initial assessment is a 45-minute session that consists of the consultation plus therapy.

Depending on the session that you are scheduled for, the duration can vary.

Initial Assessments are 45 minutes

That’s a great question! Depending on your insurance provider, you might need to obtain a doctor’s referral in order to be covered by your insurance. We highly encourage you to reach out to your provider to find out if you would need one.

We do have a cancellation policy that would require you to do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to do so, we would need to charge you the late cancellation/reschedule fee which is the cost of the session that you are scheduled for.

At this point in time we are accepting payment using credit card or debit visa/mastercard. 

Yes! We provide direct billing for 29 of the most commonly used insurance companies. For those providers not on our list, we provide an invoice post-session to our clients in order for them to submit their claims.

Get in touch with us or click here to see if your provider is included in our list of those we can bill with directly.

Several of our services are covered by most insurance plans including: registered massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractor. Some providers may also include osteopathy and athletic therapy. Make sure to review your insurance plan or reach out to your provider to familiarize yourself with your coverage so we can assist you.

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