Justin Mah

Brief info

Justin Mah is a registered physiotherapist and graduate from the MScPT program at the University of Toronto. He also holds a Honours Bachelor of Science in Medical Science from Western University.

There are two fundamental values that led Justin to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. The first, Justin believes that movement restores functionality - not just physical functionality, but mental, emotional, and social functionality. The second, Justin believes that exercise is medicine: exercise is akin to an over-the-counter drug that is accessible to anyone of all ages and is an effective treatment for many chronic conditions that are prevalent in our society today. These core values have also led Justin to create an educational platform on Instagram with his colleagues, Art of Mobility (@artofmobility), to inspire and educate people to move purposely through exercise and life.

Justin is particularly interested in manual therapy and is looking to tie these hands-on techniques with his proactive approach to rehab to empower clients to physically and mentally get back to doing what they love to do. Justin believes the body works as an entire system, and thus, believes that a person should be treated as a whole, rather than only the symptoms they present with. When he’s not in the clinic, Justin loves to practice what he preaches by weightlifting at the gym, learning Latin dance and yoga, and running in the city.

Lynna Tu, Google Review

The environment in Revibe is amazing and everyone that works here is so friendly! It’s relaxing and smells wonderful! Jennifer treated me and was very flexible as my boyfriend and I wanted to book for the same time slot with different RMTs. She’s very knowledgeable and offered suggestions to prevent/relieve the aches and pains. If you’re coming by, I surely recommend booking with Jennifer! I was introduced to the compression boots and it’s a life changer! You definitely need to try it out! After my treatment, I used the workspace area which comes with complimentary WIFI to complete some work. Revibe deserves a 5-star review without a doubt!

Adrian Reeves, Google Review

When you walk into Revibe it feels like home, everyone’s energy is great and the feeling you get knowing you’re in good hands to get the best results

Josh Alferez

Josh Alferez, revibe founder

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