Movement prehab is a form of holistic strength training to correct muscle imbalances and build a strong body foundation. Movement prehab’s purpose is to improve performance and prevent injuries before the occurrence (or from injuries getting worse). This kind of training works several muscles at once, forcing your body to work as a single unit, hence the term holistic strength training.

Aside from preventing injuries, movement therapy increases performance both in and out of the gym. Some movement therapy exercises include sprinting, jumping, pushing, climbing, lunging and squatting. Exercises that reflect how humans were meant to move and even better in our daily activities and in sports. For example, doing knee extensions rather than squats are more likely to help a person get off a couch. Contemporary research has shown that traditional body building exercises do not relate to everyday movement and thus causing more harm than good at times to your muscles.

Not only can movement therapy help with physical performance, it can also be more stimulating mentally, which has shown to enhance cognitive function. This is due to the stimulating, non boring nature of movement prehab which includes mobility and stability challenges, rather than the simple bicep curl in the gym. This cause the brain to adapt to new movement patterns.

Movement prehab really has no downside, but what happens if you’re going through an injury that debilitates you from participating in the first place? We always recommend that you consult with your doctor or a physiotherapist if safe to do so. Here at revibe, however, allows you to get the benefits of both manual therapy and movement prehab in one clinic. We use both types of treatments together to get the most of your physical function. Feel free to visit us to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential!