Jeremy Ponce

Registered Massage Therapist

Jeremy Ponce is a Registered Massage Therapist with a love for sports and athletics. Jeremy has been immersed in the sports world since he was a kid, playing basketball from a young age all the way to university.

Due to his injury-prone nature, he has spent his fair share in therapeutic relationships, gaining a passion for how these therapists would get him back to playing the game he loves as soon as possible.

Whether it’s getting back on the court or helping fix that lingering low back pain, Jeremy can help formulate the most effective treatment plan to help his clients get back to feeling like themselves again.

Jeremy likes to treat in a holistic approach, looking at how many different connective tissues and joints can cohesively work together.

Whether it is a myofascial release, trigger point tx or joint mobilization, he can address limitations and restrictions in different ways.

After going through an assessment, Jeremy can help come up with a treatment plan that can get clients back to doing what they love.



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2021 - Present

Registered Massage Therapist


Medix College - Massage Therapy


University of Toronto - Bachelors of Arts and Science

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