Dr. Jennifer Tang

Dr. Jennifer Tang, HBSc., ND

Dr. Jennifer Tang is a licensed naturopathic doctor, researcher, and humanitarian speaker. She works with patients through a functional medicine approach, incorporating her strong science background and evidence-based research to naturopathic medicine and principles.

She has also started her own campaign, collaborating with various organizations all across Canada to promote health education and raise awareness.

Jennifer’s approach to health is simple – it’s all about you. Her mission is not only to help you achieve optimal health but to empower and advocate for you along the process. She believes that working together integratively can change the narrative to wellness.

She is currently accepting patients of all concerns, although her clinical focus is on gut/digestive health, hormones, reproductive health & fertility, skin, and stress management. Most of the time, these areas of health are related to each other, and she loves connecting the dots!


The traits our therapists nurtured and the experiences they’ve gained along the way prepare to help with your health through wellness.

2021 - Present

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc)

McMaster University

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