The Ultimate Guide to Cupping Therapy: Every Thing You Need To Know in 2020

cupping therapy

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Are you tired of taking pills to relieve body pains? Or, are you a big fan of alternate medication and think that it is quite useful? Either way, cupping therapy can prove to be the treatment you have longed for!

Are you wondering what ‘alternate medication’ means? It is a type of treatment that does not involve medicines and is more of an ancient form of therapy.

You must be thinking, what is cupping therapy? Is it worth trying? Today, this article will answer all your questions regarding this infamous form of treatment and why you should give it a try!

Cupping Therapy Types

What Is Cupping Therapy And How Does It Work?

So, as mentioned earlier, cupping therapy is a form of alternate medication in which special hot cups are placed on the body to produce suction. This suction effect decompresses the muscles and tissues.

There is a misconception among people that cupping therapy is only for athletes who are looking to relieve muscle pain. There are a few more benefits to this treatment as well!

The special heated cups used in this process can be made from several materials such as glass, bamboo, and silicon.

What is the Historical Background Of Cupping?

Cupping has a 2000-year-old history starting from ancient China, where it was used as an effective way of treatment.

Since then, cupping has found its way all over the world!


There are four different types of cupping available:


In this kind of cupping, a heated cup is placed on your skin, creating a vacuum on the skin. This, in turn, creates a suction effect. Bamboo cups are most commonly used in dry cupping. Other than bamboo cups, glass cups may also be used.


Fire cupping is similar to dry cupping.

In this type of cupping, a piece of cotton is soaked in alcohol or a mixture of flammable herbs and is lit by a lighter. The cotton is then placed in the cup and placed onto the skin of the patient. The fire uses all the air in the cup to create suction.

fire cupping


In this type of cupping, when the suction is produced, a small cut is made on the skin to cause medicinal bleeding.

This is an ancient way to remove toxic blood from the body.


This kind of cupping is also known as ‘cupping massage.’ To perform this type of cupping, small amounts of oil are applied to the body, and the cup is moved circularly to provide a soothing experience.


There are many benefits related to cupping therapy:

  • Pain Relief: for people suffering from back pain or pain due to arthritis, cupping is an excellent way of treatment.

  • Muscle Relief: cupping is also a great way to relieve muscle pains, which is why cupping has increasingly become famous among athletes.

  • Improves Blood Circulation: when moving cupping is performed on your body, the blood circulation also improves.

  • Get Rid Of Fatigue: our daily routine can lead to multiple problems leading to chronic fatigue issues. Cupping provides a relaxing experience, which is a getaway from the problems of the world!

  • Lung Diseases: cupping is also quite useful for respiratory issues like asthma etc.

  • Healthy skin: cupping expands the blood vessels (due to suction) and improves the blood flow of the body, increasing the oxygen in the body.

This also reduces the chances of acne on the skin. Wonder why your favorite celebrities have a glowing face? Well, cupping might be the answer!

  • Purifying blood: since the ancient days, cupping has been used to remove toxic blood from the body to refine it. This is done through wet cupping.

  • Relieving Digestive and Urinary Issues: cupping can help solve digestive issues and heal kidney stones and urine retention etc.


Like any other treatment, there may be side-effects of cupping therapy as well:


A bruise may be caused if any blood vessel is damaged during the process of cupping. This may also cause irritation. However, bruises can be treated by using medicines.

cupping therapy bruises


If you consider your skin is sensitive, then you should be careful as cupping may cause burns on your body as well.


In rare cases, patients do feel a bit lightheaded after their session with the therapist. However, this state is relatively short, and there is no need to worry about this.


Cupping is not suitable for every other person. It is always essential to consider different factors when you are pursuing a cupping therapy.

If you are on a medication of blood thinners, then you must not continue with the cupping therapy. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin or wounds on your body, then cupping is probably not the way to go for you.

Also, if you have cancer (especially skin cancer) then, cupping is not recommended.

The perfect way to proceed is to share your medical background with your therapist to avoid any discomfort during or after your treatment.


It is an often asked question by people who are about to get cupping therapy.

Cupping is not every therapist’s game; hence, to have a safe cupping therapy, you need to see a therapist who is an expert.

Otherwise, unsafe cupping can lead to risks such as hepatitis, etc.


Cupping therapy is getting famous day by day due to the many medical benefits it provides. It has become increasingly popular among athletes and actors.

Other than this, it is also a form of relaxation for people who find it challenging to relax mentally during their daily routine.

Whether you’re someone who’s experiencing musculoskeletal pain and tightness, an athlete who trained a little too hard or an executive who needs stress relief, cupping may optimize athletic performance, speed up recovery, stretch muscles and connective tissue, improve overall wellbeing and so much more.

For more information about cupping, head over to our revibe wellness centre located in Mississauga, ON. Check out services page to schedule an appointment with a revibe therapist.

Hence, it is highly recommended, and you should try it one day! Book now.

Jennifer MacPherson

Jennifer MacPherson

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