7 impactful habits to attain success in life, health, and wellness

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I believe that anyone has the ability to change. Changes can occur, and is dealt with in many different ways. This might sound crazy for the people that think we can never do. The fear of change tends to persuade us into thinking that change is bad for you. I often hear about its attempt to brainwash people that they cannot deal with changes.

“We are who we are” they say but let me tell you… that is simply not true. Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to setting barriers and limitations inflicted to us by others and worst, ourselves; which results in hindering us all and not being able to realize our true potentials and capabilities for improvement.

Truth is, there are no limitations nor barriers. In fact, we are all more than capable!

We are capable of accomplishing anything that we set our minds at. But do keep in mind, that the desire to CHANGE our behaviours will only occur if we INVEST our time and COMMIT to do whatever it takes to successfully complete it. Having that said:

Here are the top 7 impactful habits in order to attain success in life, health, and wellness:

Communicate is KEY!

Building a better communication skill is a recipe for success. This behaviour is not only for work purposes, but can also impact one’s lifestyle. Communicating well to your peers, families, and friends can make a huge difference in your relationships. Remember, communication is a two-way street.

Not only should we hone the skill of delivering clear and concise information but, we should also acquire the ability to pay attention, listen, and give proper feedback.

Movement is a lifestyle

Take care of your body! There is no self-harm in placing your overall health, and wellness in the priority list. Movement is therapeutic and science is there to back it up. There is irrefutable evidence that suggests that the effectiveness of physical activities of any form will benefit anyone. Dr. Warbuton et al (2006), indicates that there is a linear relationship between one’s health status and increase in physical activity. Simply, put GET MOVING PEOPLE!

Build a better sleep hygiene

Good sleep habits stem from our ability to create a solid bedtime routine. There is an old saying that you are only as strong as you recover. There’s a lot of truth to that. We should strive to not only work as hard and smart as we can but also appreciate the balance between the two sides and not jeopardize our own recovery. If you like to hear more in-depth information on Sleep Hygiene, check out the article, (“ What is Sleep Hygiene? 7 tips to improve your sleep” )

Practice deep work and tune out distractions

As Cal Newport would put it, “Deep work is the ability to focus without any distractions on a cognitively demanding task”. This skill would allow the user to produce high quality work in less time and with high attention to detail.

Often times, we get easily distracted by external factors such as television, social media, our environment, etc. Which would cause the work we produce to be mediocre. We have to create impact, and bring in more value to the table. By mastering this ability, we can cause, and influence the people around us in a more substantial manner.

Take a break from the screen and be in the moment

We live in a generation where we are wired to our phones. Electronic devices are useful tools but we often take them for granted. There is a syndrome roaming around town called “fear of missing out”. We play thumb wars with our phones for hours (daily). We need to practice self-control and awareness.

Take the time away from your device. Unplug from the digital world because your brain needs it. Find something else to do, for instance, read a book, journal, cook a meal, etc.

Challenge: decrease your average time spent on social media for one week!

Build a strong social environment

Surround yourself with like-minded, goal-oriented, successful, ambitious, positive, and smart individuals. Raise your standards and rid of the negative individuals that inflict limitation on you.

Find the right people for your social circle. The right company will guide, lend, and help you whenever you’re in need and give you feedback from your mistakes. In return, you do will the same. RAISE your standards.

Challenge yourself, seek growth opportunities

Don’t hold yourself back. Cutting yourself short is never the answer. In order for growth to happen, we need to seek opportunities where we are placed in an uncomfortable situation. Continue to challenge yourself in ways that will bring forth changes in either your career, business, lifestyle, and/or health.

It is human nature to grow, our hunger for self-improvement should never go away. Take charge and lose your fears. Have the mindset to keep moving forward and hopefully that could influence the people you surround yourself with.

Good habits are the cornerstone to success! Once you begin practising these impactful habits, it automatically becomes a part of your character, and in essence exhibits positive energy in your life and in those all around you. I hope you viewed this information to be of value, and sparked some insights while reading it.

Our strong desire to change will cause us to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. Build upon these habits and use them as a guide in order to create a strong foundation to attain success in life, health, and wellness.

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