Recovery Lounge: 3 Reasons You Should Try One in 2020

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There are tons of things you can do at home after a workout to focus on sport recovery – yoga, hot/cold baths, and stretches. But let’s be honest, these won’t happen unless you schedule them into your workout routine. Then you have to defend that time jealously.

A recovery lounge allows you to focus solely on your body’s healing process. You have professional tools at your disposal to give you the same benefits as pro athletes.

The biggest mistake people make about recovery lounges is assuming they’re only for pro-athletes.

While professionals may need recovery studios as part of their jobs, the rest of us need to focus just as much on recovering after workouts – especially as we age.

1. Restoring Your Body

Recovery lounges focus on providing tools backed by rigorous scientific background, like massage therapists, foam rollers, and compression boots for leg recovery. These are all types of myofascial release, which in non-medical terms, reduces muscle soreness.

A 2015 review published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal investigated the effects of tools assisting in myofascial release, showing that it both helps with muscle soreness and fatigue. Plus, it also boosts your range of motion.

Most people know that exercise damages your muscles. As they heal, you get stronger. Part of this recovery is inflammation, which can last for 72 hours after your workout.

Any method that improves blood flow can flush out the white blood cells that cause inflammation. The more you focus on circulating blood through your system, the better you’ll feel. Plus, your muscles will heal faster, letting you reach your goals sooner than you expect.

2. Rebooting Your Mind

It’s hard to schedule “me time” at home after the training gym- even for recovery. Family, friends, and chores all make demands on our time.

Recovery lounges offer you time. What else are you going to do while letting the massage tools do their thing?

It doesn’t matter what you do to relax and get your mind back into a state of equilibrium. With the help of your post-exercise endorphins, a refreshed mind will boost your performance in every other area of your life.

Plus, more studies are emerging every few months on the effectiveness of the nap. Taking a 20-minute power nap in our boots gets you all the benefits of myofascial release and the neurological perks like:

  • Restored alertness
  • Boosted performance
  • Improved mood

3. Reshaping Your System

Your body works hard 24/7 but goes into overdrive after training.

Within 3 hours of finishing a workout, another type of white blood cell called neutrophils flood your system. Their sole job is to clear out any cellular debris. However, you don’t want them to hang around too long in your system. They can damage healthy cells.

The best way to help neutrophils do their job and leave your system is through foam rolling or massage. It stimulates blood flow, speeding up the whole process.

Recovery lounges give you the best of both worlds. You can rest while letting tools keep your blood circulating.

Hey, just so you know, we’re offering a 7-day free pass to our recovery lounge in Mississuaga on your first visit. This includes access to recovery boots + theragun therapy.


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